The Fine Art of Repetition

One of the main concepts I grasped from this text was that music, regardless of origin, temperament, or uniqueness are constructed from acts of repetition.  The author also travels through the various concepts in classifying music over the years.

-The Literary method; that envolves the literal interpretation of musical elements.

- The organic interpretation the sees all developments as part of a naturally occurring process of musical evolution.

-The wallpaper interpretation:  As this author poins out, this concept is ludicrous,  that music exists because just as the eyes enjoy a beautiful light that the ears prefer pretty sounds.

I’m still very much in the woods.  I’m afraid these texts haven’t helped me gain a better understanding of anything other than the bureaucracy of musical theory.   Other than to say that all music that is not the product of fanciful digital production and experimentation, depends on rhythm, without exception.

What has helped me is using noteflight in a hands on way, by using the the traditional scoring system I have gained for the first time a better grasp of how music is composed.

I am very excited for the next ten weeks, bring on the sequencers!

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